For outdoor furniture designs, wood pallets are a commonly sourced item on the do-it-yourself scene, and for good reason. Lifehacker writes that "they're essentially Legos for adults because they can be turned into just about anything with minimal effort or skill." Consider me sold.


Pallets are generally had at a low price, if not for free, and the wood used often lends itself to reuse. While pallets come in all sorts of wood types, Both of these types of wood are also commonly used in woodworking. Pine is attractive for a number of reasons, and For Dummies puts one of these reasons simply: "Pine is commonly used in furniture because it's easy to shape and stain."


Oak is a common choice for furniture building too but for altogether different reasons. For Dummies writes that this hardwood is "one of the most used woods for furniture," and when looking at the wood's characteristics, it's easy to see why. Oak often has an enviable grain to it, and it's really strong.

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